About us

We assist bereaved children to find a way to live with loss and grief, to move forward and take the next steps on their bereavement journey.

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Important Dates

May 27-29 – Inaugural Goulburn Valley camp, Corop, Vic.

July 15-17 – Youth camp, Point Lonsdale, Vic

August 12 -14 – Wombat’s Wish Camp, Anglesea, Vic

November – 11-13 – Wombat’s Wish Camp, Anglesea, Vic


Wombat’s Wish cannot operate without your support.

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Do you know of a bereaved child?

The death of a parent is extremely difficult for children. We provide guidance and support to enable them to manage the impact of death on their lives.

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Looking to volunteer?

We offer a variety of opportunities to volunteer. Depending on your interests and skills, we can make sure that you find the right volunteering opportunity to suit you.


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