About Us

Every year, hundreds of children across the state of Victoria experience the death of a parent.

Currently, Wombat’s Wish is the only specialist service that offers support to these children. This is an extremely difficult time for them and their family, and this can potentially result in long-term emotional health problems.

We assist bereaved children to find a way to live with loss and grief, to move forward and take the next steps on their bereavement journey.

Wombat’s Wish is based on a very successful and highly regarded Winston’s Wish program in the UK. Wombat’s Wish aims to provide a similarly valuable and extensive service in Victoria.

The service is a therapeutic one, provided by a team of professional facilitators in conjunction with trained volunteers.

At Wombat’s Wish we believe all bereaved children, young people and their parents/carers have the right to information, guidance and support to enable them to manage the impact of death on their lives.

Our Vision

To develop a community based service that will provide the support that parentally bereaved children, young people and their families need.

Wombat’s Wish committee:

  • Chairperson: Casey Kaminskyj
  • Vice-Chair: David Trott
  • Secretary: Jo Betz
  • Treasurer: Tamara Wright

Wombat’s Wish team:

  • Manager: Nicki Dunne
  • Operations Coordinator: Rebecca Scott
  • Bec Moore

Contact Us:

Phone: 0499 966 228
Email:  freeman@wombatswish.org.au