Wombat’s Wish High Tea & Flower Crown Master Class – Botanical Muse Q&A

As we lead into the Wombat’s Wish High Tea & Flower Crown Master Class this Sunday at Truffleduck, David from Wombat’s Wish has asked Katie and Gemma from Botanical Muse a number of topical questions to gain a greater understanding of their business and to find out, what exactly is a flower crown?


David: Katie and Gemma, please tell our Wombat’s Wish followers about Botanical Muse and what you do?
Botanical Muse: Botanical Muse is our floristry business – we specialize in floristry and styling for weddings, events, and photo shoots. We also do flowers for gifts, everyday flowers and we run workshops. We are extremely passionate about our floral creations as well as our customers, we love the interaction we get by working with our customers to create something specifically for their needs. We like to bring innovation, creativity, quality and service to every job – no matter the size.

David: For those who are unaware, what is a Flower Crown?
Botanical Muse: A flower crown is a floral adornment that sits as a halo on or around the head. These can be a full circlet or a half circlet tied with ribbon or pinned on to the head. They are a popular adornment for celebrations and events such as weddings, festivals and hens parties. And they are really fun to make!

David: What is your favorite variety of flowers?
Botanical Muse: It depends what day you ask us!
Almost every week something new comes in to season as other things go out of season so it’s impossible to pick one favourite. As we move into spring, it’s exciting to see beautiful ranunculus becoming available and we are both looking forward to later in the year when dahlias make their return.

David: With the Spring Racing Carnival coming up, would a flower crown be a good option instead of a fascinator or a traditional hat?
Botanical Muse: Absolutely! And the best part is that you can personalize them so much. You can go wild with colour and size or keep it simple and dainty, each one is unique so there’s no chance someone else will be wearing the same one!

David: What do you think about matching a Flower Crown Master Class with a High Tea?
Botanical Muse: Rylie has done such a great job putting this event together – high tea and flower crowns are a match made in heaven! Feminine, fun and sophisticated – we think it’s adorable.


Thank you Gemma and Katie for your time, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday and sharing a great afternoon with you.







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